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Inan says, "To be in the air brings me peace and happiness." And he loves to share that feeling with his tandem students!

Inan, a tandem instructor for 13 years, has over 6,750 jumps – 1,664 of those are tandem skydives! He started skydiving in 1982, and was a Turkish Aeronautical Association instructor for 20+ years.

As a member of the Turkish National Team, and Coach for the Turkish National Free-Fall Style & Accuracy Team, Inan has competed in more than 25 countries. His favorite place to jump is Switzerland.

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Inan can't get enough of the sky! In addition to skydiving, he also participates in hang gliding, tandem paragliding, and gliding flight. He only wishes he had the wings of a bird!

When not in the sky, Inan can be found playing volleyball, basketball, or enjoying a bit of skiing. He also likes to travel.

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